MVC Wait Policy

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In our experience over the years, MVC’s busiest days tend to be the first and last day of the month and the day after a holiday when MVC is closed; though, any given day of the year can be an unexpected busy day. The wait times, on a busy day, can range up to 3-5 hours.

*We will wait in the test line for however long of time is needed, but then waiting for the driver’s license is what our policy is in place for. Keep in mind, if the test line is, for example, 2 hours or more, we have no time left to wait for the driver’s license unless there is literally no wait time in the MVC office.

Our policy for MVC wait times

We wait inside the MVC office for the driver’s license for ABOUT an hour. Wait times of the TEST LINE is also to be considered. If wait times are too long, 2 options:

1) We will bring the student to another MVC location to wait for the driver’s license, in hopes the lines won’t be as long. If then the lines are still long at the second location, we take the student home and schedule with All Over Driving School office to bring student back to MVC, on another day, to wait for the driver’s license. No additional charge.

2) Customer can arrange to have someone meet the student at MVC (at original location or second MVC location) to wait with them for the driver’s license and they take student home.

We thank you for understanding that this is our solution to keep our schedule in order. Please notify us with any questions, comments or concerns.