Our training packages help new or inexperienced drivers to acquire outstanding driving skills and earn a driver’s license. Our training sessions are customized to accommodate the unique requirements of every student.

The vast majority of our students pass their exam and earn a license on the first try! You can be sure that our courteous, skilled, experienced, and patient instructors will help you succeed at achieving your driving goals.


Can I provide the school with copies of required identification documents?

No, the school needs to present original forms of identification like passports and birth certificates to obtain student driver permits. We do not recommend that these documents be mailed back and forth. These documents can be brought to our office during regular business hours or afterwards by appointment. We will strive to keep these documents safe and arrange to return them to you as soon as possible.

Will my child actually drive the school vehicle on the first lesson?

Yes, one of our qualified instructors will pick up your child at home or school for their first lesson. The behind the wheel instruction begins with basic vehicle operation and getting familiarized with the vehicle controls like steering wheel, brake pedal etc.

Where does the school take my child for their behind the wheel training?

Basic instruction starts in the pick-up neighborhood. Basic vehicle operation including turning, braking, and acceleration are taught at the begining of the lesson. At the instructors discretion, the lessons will be expanded to include local roadways like Route 9, 18, 516, 627 or other county roads. There is no turnpike driving during these lessons.

When does my child receive their permit?

All our students need to satisfactorily complete the state approved six hour behind the wheel training. Once final payment is made to the school, the permit will be validated at MVC and returned to the student.

How are the six hours of lessons provided?

Typically, three separate two hour lessons are provided over a one to two week time frame. Two three hour lessons during a week-end could be provided as an alternative. A rest break may be included at the instructors discretion.

Will my child be ready to drive when they receive their permit?

Our instructors will ensure all basic requirements have been met. All students will need further evaluation and guidance from a supervising driver or parent to ensure the student develops safe lifetime driving techniques.

What if our child needs additional training or evaluation?

The school provides specialized behind the wheel instruction on an hourly basis for a fee. Contact our office for further information.

What kind of shoes should my child wear?

All students must wear fitted shoes like sneakers, sandals, boots etc. Student CANNOT wear flip-flops or other similar foot wear.

What time does each lesson begin and end?

Each student will be notified of all appointments in advance. Our office staff will call to confirm the first appointment 24-48 hours in advance. All lesson times are dependent on traffic and weather conditions.

What if I need to cancel or re-schedule a lesson?

Ask About our Cancellation Policy. We understand that scheduling conflicts arise periodically. Parents should call the school at least 24 hours in advance or as early as possible. Every effort will be made to accommodate reschedule requests. Cancellation fees may apply.

Can the school re-schedule lessons?

Yes, situations arise where the school may call to re-schedule lessons. The school will never jeopardize the safety of our students or instructors.

What payment options are available for lessons?

Ask about our payment options.

Will the school automatically pick up my child for their road test appointment?

No, the school obtains the date of the road test appointment when the permit is validated. An appointment for our Road Test service has to be scheduled by the student or parent and paid for at least one week in advance. A free brush up will be provided to the student before the road test. Call the office for more information.